Regional Networks

Aims and Objectives

Local third sector organisations providing specialist services for people with sensory and physical disabilities can feel isolated and vulnerable when funding cuts are made. Coming together as a network helps to provide mutual benefit and support; sharing information, identifying key local issues, sharing good practice and jointly working to address gaps in provision.

Whilst retaining their separate identities and specialisms, individual organisations can share their knowledge and expertise to make sure that people can access the most appropriate services in a timely way to maximise their independence, wellbeing and choice.

A local network can be a collective voice for organisations supporting people with sensory impairments, influencing Local and National strategy and campaigns.

One of the key objectives of the Centre of Excellence for Sensory Impairment charity is to work with other organisations in England to help them to form local networks for the benefit of individuals with sensory and physical impairments.

Regional Networks

The COESI charity is a member of two regional networks of organisations providing services for people with sensory impairments and physical disabilities - The Croydon Consortium Group and the Tees Valley Sensory Support Services Network.

Croydon Consortium Group

This network of organisations is located in South West London and is made up of:–


These organisations were the founder Members of the national COESI Charity.


Tees Valley Sensory Support Services Network


The Tees Valley Network is located in the NE of England across 5 Borough regions and in January 2016 its member organisations are:-