Welcome to the website of the Centre of Excellence for Sensory Impairment (COESI)

- also known as Centre of Excellence: Supporting Independence

COESI is an organisation which develops and provides integrated services for people with sensory and physical impairments.

The Centre of Excellence website and Helpline aim to enable people of all ages with a hearing, visual, dual sensory loss or physical mobility impairment and their families and carers, to access a central source of information. 

Art for All the Senses Project

COESI made a successful application to the Big Lottery Awards for All to run a Research and Consultation exercise to see if there is interest in the Teesside region for developing a programme of art workshops for people with sensory impairments, culminating in an exhibition of the art work produced. Read more about it on the Art Project page.

To view the new Doorstep Crime Prevention video with BSL follow this link to You Tube.

For key information for your service area, go to the page you want and follow the links :-

Hearing Impairment

Visual Impairment

Dual Sensory Loss

Physical Mobility


COESI is a Charity Registered in England and Wales No.1146322

Doorstep Crime Project 2012-2013 Big Lottery funded.   


COESI is a member of the Equality Register. In 2016 the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) is due for review. After the election the New Administration will be looking for easy, cost effective and robust solutions to manage Equality in Public Procurement and Supplier commitment and visibility will be important.

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Page updated June 2015



  • Art for All the Senses The COESI charity has been successful in securing Big Lottery funding for Research and Consultation in preparation for running an Art for All the Senses Project in this region starting in 2016. Read more....
  • Equalities Register COESI is member No.2015 on the Equality Register
  • Customer Pathway Find your way to local services - come to COESI first!
  • Services in North East of England For our second phase of website development we are gathering information about local services in the North East of England for people with sensory impairments. Watch this space for more local information and links!
  • Deaf Perspective London We now have a sign-language video of the Doorstep Crime Prevention leaflet and our special thanks to Louise Harte of Deaf Perspective London who translated for us and gave us great support for this work. Website link: deafperspectivelondon.co.uk
  • Big Lottery Success! COESI was successful in 2012 with a Big Lottery grant to improve information on Doorstep Crime for people with sensory loss. Read more about the project....
  • Disability Forum contact Croydon Disability Forum is a founder member of COESI - check out their contact details here