Multi-Sport Development

Between January and March 2012 COESI participated in a Localities project for young people in the London Borough of Croydon, funded by Croydon Council. Our aim for the Youth Group sessions held was to consult with young people aged between 14 and 19 with sensory impairments to find out what they wanted in terms of activities and opportunites to be with their peer group. We aimed to provide a safe environment for them to come together to have fun and to empower them to share their thoughts and wishes.

In the time frame allowed we were able to make contact with 12 young deaf/hard of hearing people and to bring them together for 4 evening sessions.

We endeavoured to do the same for young people who are blind/ visually impaired however this proved more difficult and we were able to work with the Royal London Society for the Blind and the Lindon Lodge school for the Blind in Wimbledon to start to reach out to the relevant age group of young people and to their parents to let them know what we were hoping to develop.

One particular outcome from the Deaf Youth Group sessions was the introduction of a Multi-Sport session run by a local specialist coach using sign language interpreters which was most sucessful.
In response to the wishes of the young people involved we are taking this further and applying for follow up funding from Sport England. 

See the feedback from the SCOE project ( PDF) and the analysis from the completed outcome stars.