About the Centre of Excellence for Sensory Impairment - COESI

The Centre of Excellence for Sensory Impairment

The aim of the Centre of Excellence for Sensory Impairment is to improve support for people with sensory loss including developing new activities and integrated services, working with local and national organisations in the voluntary, third and statutory sectors around the UK.  The Centre of Excellence works to support people with a range of sensory, physical, psychological, emotional and/or neurological needs, including those who are mentally ill or who have a learning disability.

In June 2012 COESI set up a Northern Office in the North Yorkshire area and we plan to develop the website to provide more information on local services in this region and other areas.

COESI Consortium Members

Providing specialist services for people with sensory and physical disabilities means that local third sector organisations are generally relatively small in size which makes them vulnerable when funding cuts are made. A group of such organisations in South West London -  Croydon Hearing Resource Centre (CHRC), Croydon Vision (CV), Croydon Deaf Children’s Society (CDCS) , Going For Independence (GFI) and Croydon Disability Forum (CDF) started to work in collaboration with each other.  These five organisations were the founder Members of the national COESI Charity, and in January 2012 they were joined by Disability Croydon (DS). These organisations formed the Croydon Consortium Group and whilst retaining their separate identities and specialisms, they share their knowledge and expertise to make sure that all people can access the most appropriate services in a timely way to maximise their independence, wellbeing and choice, and use their combined voice to campaign for improvements in all services.

Each organisation can signpost individuals, parents and carers to the right advice and information and to what is available locally and nationally. 

Members of the Consortium adopted the COESI Charter agreeing on a set of standards for customer service and they work together to improve customer pathways and develop local services. Benefits include some shared resources and staff training, a webpage if they do not have a website, and mutual support and the avoidance of unnecessary duplication which can save money.

COESI will also partner with member organisations to apply for funding to develop new services where gaps in provision are identified. As COESI develops it will be able to encourage and support other Consortium network groups to form in other parts of the country.


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